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Feasibility Studies

From our experience, many times clients come to us with the idea of a project with very little understanding of the possibilities. To no fault of clients of course. Our role in the scope of services is to sit with clients through 3 sessions (in-person/virtual) to help them define the parameters of the project from the following standpoints:

Preliminary Budget Estimates\

Using High level estimates on the project with current construction rates cross-referenced with market rates and prices to establish how financially feasible the project can be.

Site Analysis \

Understanding the site, terrain and what the site itself requires,  A preliminary site analysis with preferred building orientations to max. ventilation and daylighting / minimize heat gain

Planning Guidelines\

Helping clients to understand what will be permitted on the property - its size, height, no. of parking etc. to ensure that the project adheres to Town and Country Planning Division (TCPD) or any other Local Statutory Regulation

Client Expectation \

For both Architect and Client to understand what is the purpose of the project/desired outcomes. For clients to gain a better understanding of the project by having a more defined and refined project brief 

Exploring the Possibilities

sit back and let us help you define your project's needs

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